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  • Elastic Scheduler Overview

    Multi-Database Job Scheduler for AWS


    Elastic Scheduler is a cloud automation and scheduling solution for AWS. Simple to use yet very powerful workflow automation solution built for AWS. It delivers enhanced business value through batch job creation, scheduling, and management across AWS DWH environments. Users have the control to schedule and monitor Jobs without requiring environment-specific expertise. With Elastic Scheduler you can be up and running in less then 10 minutes, with no long term commitments or up-front costs.


    Multi-Database Support

    Elastic Scheduler supports the following databases: 

    • Snowflake
    • Redshift
    • Aurora
    • MySQL 


    Elastic Scheduler Advantages

    • Downloadable from AWS marketplace
    • Business user friendly
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Monitoring module for tracking error/status/history
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Administrative control
    • Easy installation & Setup
    • Subscription - Professional & Enterprise




    Installing Elastic Scheduler

    Elastic Scheduler for AWS is an intuitive tool for business users and technology users to schedule their data loads, transformations, and computational jobs.

    Download from AWS Marketplace: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B06XNW74GX?qid=1493767983290&sr=0-1&ref_=srh_res_product_title

    AWS Cloud Deployment

    The Elastic Scheduler is easily deployed as a service on AWS using the pre-built Elastic Scheduler Cloud Formation that is available on the AWS Marketplace.

    Once the Cloud formation is launched as an EC2 instance, the Elastic Scheduler is automatically started on the EC2 instance. The Elastic Scheduler requires a MySQL Database for persistence, Amazon Web Services RDS (Relational Database Service) can be used to provision a new MySQL database instance. 

    In order to ensure that all access to SSL/TLS and from the Elastic Scheduler is encrypted and secure the AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) can be used to provision and deploy certificate for the service.



    On-Premises Deployment:

    Avik Cloud Elastic Scheduler can be deployed locally or in a private cloud on any Windows, Linux or MacOS machine and only requires a local Docker installation (http://docker.com) to run and a MySQL database for persistence.



  • FAQ

    Who is Elastic Scheduler for? Why should I consider using this product?

    Any company using AWS for their application hosting can potentially utilize this tool. Many data warehouse and database applications are deployed in MySQL, Redshift, Aurora and Snowflake where the end user is a business analyst or a Data Scientist interested in uploading data or downloading data for spreadsheet analysis. Elastic Scheduler is intuitive and simple to use scheduler enabling analysts to upload/download data without IT involvement or major technical knowledge.

    How does Elastic Scheduler work?

    Elastic scheduler is a java application with capabilities to create and execute Cron jobs (Linux) behind the scene. Elastic Scheduler has inbuilt scheduling module to keep track of jobs which are scheduled for future execution. Also, Administrative module controls the privileges of the users and what they can see within the scheduler. Monitoring module keeps track of past job details for review and audit. 

    How is Elastic Scheduler delivered? Is it a SaaS product, a client install etc?

    Elastic Scheduler is delivered as an AMI via the AWS Marketplace. This means you launch your own instance of the Elastic Scheduler product into your own AWS environment. It is not a SaaS product, in the sense that it is deployed in client’s AWS environment.  You will never have to connect to Unico Solution to run Elastic Scheduler.

    Once your instance is spun-up and configured, you and your team of developers/data professionals access the tool using your web browser. There is no client install. 

    Under the hood the product is simply a normal Amazon Linux instance running Tomcat, a small Dynamo db (used to hold config information and saved jobs) and the Elastic Scheduler software (a Java application). You launch it just like you would launch any other AMI from your EC2 console or from the AWS Marketplace.

    The AWS Marketplace is a trusted storefront of applications, each designed for AWS and tested, scanned and authorized by Amazon. The only difference between a Marketplace AMI and a “normal” AMI is that the Marketplace AMI is tagged for billing. As such, billing for Elastic Scheduler is via your existing AWS account (no need to give us your credit card details).

    What databases scripts can I run using Elastic Scheduler?

    Any SQL Scripts (native to appropriate database) can be scheduled. The tool has ability execute multiline SQL code as well. Also you can execute any Linux compatible jobs by scheduling those scripts.

    What databases scripts can I run using Elastic Scheduler?

    Yes. Most of our customers are interested in uploading data in a specified frequency daily/hourly jobs to load the extracted data from source systems. This may be a simple copy command or a complex transformation.

    How much does Elastic Scheduler cost?

    UNICO has priced this product to be easy to install and worry free support. It is a simple monthly subscription of $199 / month. Cancel anytime and it will be effective next calendar month. Upgrades and patches will be sent to the registered clients.

  • Free Trial

    Free Trial

    Get a free 14-day trial of Elastic Scheduler, on the AWS Marketplace. The trial is a full working version of Elastic Scheduler – a complete, production-ready AMI. Deployed into your own AWS environment, you can build out your first jobs, evaluate the product and receive support, at no charge.

    How to launch the trial?

    Visit Unico Solution’s page on the AWS Marketplace, then simply choose an instance size and AWS Region and launch the AMI. It will deploy into your existing AWS account, as an AMI visible in your EC2 console. We recommend reading the ‘How to launch the product’ page (there’s a link on the Marketplace page). It contains step-by-step instructions on setting up your Elastic Scheduler AMI.

    Getting help during your trial?

    During your free 14-day trial of Elastic Scheduler, Unico Solution will provide you with comprehensive support, should you need it. Our Support Engineers and Solution Architects can help you with:

    • Launching and configuring Elastic Scheduler
    • Building your first jobs
    • Anything else you need help with


    Visit the Unico Solution’s support portal here or e-mail support@Unicosolution.com for fast, free, world-class assistance.

    Request a Demo

    Please give us a call 917-438.8434 (US) or send an email support@unicosolution.com to Schedule time with Elastic Scheduler’s solution architect to chat about your specific needs.


  • Support


    Elastic Scheduler support

    Unico Solution provides world class support to our Free Trial, Monthly and Annual Customers including monitored forums, detailed documentation and component guides, quick start guides, FAQs, and instructional videos. Free Trial and Annual customers may also get in touch via e-mail and phone.

    Support Center Portal

    Visit the Unico Solution’s  Elastic Scheduler Support Center for comprehensive documentation, articles, set-up guides and forums. The Support Center portal covers everything from getting started to advanced configuration, component tutorials and new release notes.


    If you’d like help getting started with set-up, best practices, training or building out your first use cases, Unico Solution provides a range of consulting options to suit your needs.  Our consulting team can deliver:

    • Installation and set-up
    • Best practice definition and documentation
    • Developer and admin training
    • Health checks
    • Design and build services
    • Data Management best practices

    Get in touch with our sales team or arrange a demo to find out more about our consulting options.

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